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Matt Clark - Chief Igniter at The Virtual Edge

August 13, 2020

In this episode of the Road To Growth podcast, we are pleased to introduce you to Matt Clark. Matt is the chief Igniter at The Virtual Edge, and his team has been helping businesses double their leads on LinkedIn for years now. Their flagship system - The Rainmaker System, is a clearly defined step by step process that helps coaches, consultants, and advisers generate 2-5 high value leads per day on Linkedin without paying for ads. 


They have helped over 1500 businesses in 18 countries grow their businesses to 6 and 7 figures. To get a feel for the effectiveness of this system, one of their clients increased their sales by 800% in just two months. Another generated 300 leads in four months resulting in 50 million dollars in finance.


The success of the Rainmaker System has led to Matthew becoming a sought after international speaker and has shared the stage with Dr. Phill, JT Foxx, 

Michael Douglas, and many more. 


The most pivotal and poignant moment of his life, was when Matt was diagnosed with a serious life-threatening illness. 


Matt’s compelling story of how he recovered and healed himself of Crone’s disease and how it changed his entire life trajectory is definitely one that your audience will find value in. During his illness, Matt could only function and do work for 1-2 hours maximum per day. He was forced to find the most time-efficient way to get generate new leads for his business and keep the lights on. 


Not only was this the beginning of The Rainmaker System...

It was also the start of a completely new way of being for Matt


Some of these lessons turned into books; The Proven Path, The Automation Playbook, and The Automated Income System. More of these lessons are featured in Wake up- How to live a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle.  


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