ROAD TO GROWTH : Success as an Entrepreneur

Episode 40 - Kacia Fitzgerald - The Host of Empower Her Podcast

May 24, 2019

Originally from the Seattle area, she took what she thought was the “right” path; the path she was “SUPPOSED TO” take. She went to college, got a Bachelor’s degree, got the job in IT recruiting, and started working her way up the corporate ladder. Until this GUT feeling got TOO strong and told her enough was enough. It wasn’t that she wasn’t HAPPY or grateful for her life and career path, she definitely was- it was more so that she started to think that she was supposed to be doing something DIFFERENT and really had this itch to make her career about helping serve WOMEN in a massive way but she didn’t know HOW. So she took a few more jobs in the corporate world, moving into IT Project Management, moving from Seattle to NYC and even getting an opportunity to work at her DREAM company, “Google”. She realized (really unexpectedly) that she had a passion helping women on their health and fitness goals because she knew that helped them build CONFIDENCE and get more excited about THEIR lives.

She built that business on the side of her corporate job, until it surpassed her corporate income and she officially became her own boss in April of 2015. Since then she’s spoken on large stages partnering with the Network Marketing company Beachbody, and helped hundreds of women build online coaching business’. But that passion EXCEEDS just the Network Marketing realm so she launched what is already a top rated Business Podcast, called “EmpowerHER podcast” helping women get out of their own way with TANGIBLE steps to take ACTION toward pursuing their dreams. At 29 she is now living in San Diego with her boyfriend of 10 years Seena and their ridiculously cute dog Lizzie (dog moms get it), often doing weird dance parties and trying to impact women in any way that she can to build lives they love.