ROAD TO GROWTH : Success as an Entrepreneur

Episode 36 - Yura Lotonenko - Owner of Liyri Art: Landscape design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Abstract Art.

May 10, 2019

Yura Lotonenko is the owner of Liyri Art. They believe in Universal positive energy. It is delivered with subconsciousness in mind. It arose naturally by its freedom without any limitations. It flows through the time and space in a circulation of energy. It deals with a sense of power that exists apart from conscious reality. It manifests itself with a statement ‘non-intentional energy of immortal freedom that always been here’. At Liyri they believe in the transformation of positive energy into reality through artwork and design services. They are working towards creating an environment that will help to renew your spirit and body energy, an environment that will inspire you in a daily life. They believe that INSPIRATIONAL environment, INSPIRATIONAL people, and INSPIRATIONAL items are important for every human being for self-realization and following the life purpose of soul.

They believe an inspirational environment is important for every human being as it will help to renew your spirit and body energy, but also help you in the self-realization process. As an outcome, our society will be rich with conscious, healthier, efficient and happy people. With LIYRI it is possible through high technologies, international collaboration and open pricing policies. They believe they can make a positive impact in our well being.