ROAD TO GROWTH : Success as an Entrepreneur

Episode 34 - Lou Niles - Founder of Love Machine Films and promoter/manager of popular bands

May 3, 2019

Lou began his career in entertainment managing bands and promoting shows in High School. Lou DJ’d at local clubs including the early days of Playskool. He worked on groundbreaking shows on 91X FM in the late 80’s. By 1990 Lou was producing and programming various specialty shows on 91X and turning on L.A. A&R to the best in new music out of San Diego. The next 6 years Lou’s show was a platform for a wave of bands to get signed. Lou spent time coordinating, marketing and managing over 40 U.S. tours and landed in Los Angeles in the late 90’s doing A&R and publishing for a UK and Japan based company. Lou then moved to an indie label started by the William Morris Agency where he quickly rose from A&R to Vice President. He also oversaw and budgeted over 40 U.S. tours including artists’ tours with The Black Crowes, Goo Goo Dolls, Tonic and Japan dates with Keanu Reeves’ band Dogstar.

In 2005 Lou and Carly started Love Machine Films to build a company that would use their talents to create projects each year that make a difference in the world. Today the Award Winning Love Machine Films has produced over 150 films and partnered to raise many millions of dollars for causes and non-profits. LMF has an award winning feature documentary and two other feature docs going to festivals. Lou is currently Executive Producer at Love Machine Films, promotes music and cause related events with Machina De Amor and is a Co-Host and Segment producer on 91X Loudspeaker. Lou is also producing webisodes about local music; “91 Seconds with Lou Niles” and “In Your Neighborhood with Lou Niles”. Lou can be seen interviewed in the new hit documentary “It’s Gonna Blow!!!: The San Diego Music Underground 1986-1996”.