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Episode 17 -Maria Roque-Lopes - Founding Member of K-9 Guardians Foundation

March 5, 2019

Maria Roque-Lopes is one of the founding members of K-9 Guardians Foundation. 

The K-9 Guardians Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3), that was formed after Foundation member Robert Steinke learned that some agencies were not outfitting their K-9’s with the necessary gear during dangerous searches or situations due to lack of funds and budget constraints. He, along with his wife Kathi Steinke, Abram Saul Lopes (former dog handler), and his wife Maria Roque-Lopes decided it was time to make a difference. All passionate dog lovers, they formed the K-9 Guardians Foundation to personally donate and raise funds for as many agencies as possible.

Follow them on Instagram @K9GUARDIANSFOUNDATION


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