ROAD TO GROWTH : Success as an Entrepreneur

Episode 11 - Mike Ortiz - Owner of the marketing and branding company Mavrik Agency

February 12, 2019

Mike Ortiz is the Owner of the marketing and branding company Mavrik Agency. His platform uses visual content (including video/film, photography, brand design, logo build, graphics, presentations, web design, etc.), helping business owners attract the culture they want to connect with, while simplifying the sales process. With this mindset they have been able to work with some world changers like Cash Flow Tactics . With Mavrik's help Cash Flowr Tactics received a Two Comma Club Award for generating over $1.5 Million through their funnel, and all within a 3 month period! Right now as we speak,they will be going on stage with Grant Cardone (and Russell Brunson) to announce that in about a 6 month they will soon be clearing 8M. 


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